At The Country Market we are serious about coffee. That’s why we have chosen McCabe’s Hand Roasted Coffee as our coffee supplier.

McCabe’s, an Irish family run business, has won a number of awards for their coffee blends. The Country Market’s house blend won the 2 Star Great Taste Award 2011 great-taste-2011-2-starand Top Irish Entry at 2011 Great Taste Awards.

Great Taste Award Judges comments
This coffee is nice and light and has a nice finish. There are fruity, chocolatety and citrus flavours to the coffee with an earthy finish which gives it an edge”.

The Country Market’s House blend consist of:

50% Arabica from Minas Gerais, Brazil
25% Arabica from Hacienda Aquiares, Tarrazu, Costa Rica
25% Monsoon Malabar Arabica from India

Dark roasted the week of delivery

Brew parameters

18g espresso grind
45g espresso (2 shot)
In 22 to 28 seconds pour time

McCabe’s Coffee is based in NewtownMountKennedy, Co. Wicklow and is the only coffee roastery in South Dublin and Co. Wicklow. It is a small, family run business that has built a reputation within the coffee industry in Ireland as a leading supplier to the wholesale and retail specialised coffee market. Along with a number of awards, McCabe’s hand roasted coffee was voted Best Espresso in Ireland at the 2011 International Great Taste Awards and has been awarded a total of 7 awards in the last 3 years at this trusted and recognised International competition. McCabe’s Coffee have been roasting coffee in Co. Wicklow since 1997.

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